Easter is approaching and you not only have to decide the destination, but also with whom and how to get there.
If your pet is a member of the family and you can’t live without it, here is some useful information for traveling with it, whether by car, train or plane.

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No matter what means of transport you choose, always carry their documentation with you. The animal must have the official health card updated and stamped by a registered veterinarian. In case of traveling within the European Union, you must also carry your Pet Passport.

pasaporte para animales domésticos

Traveling by car with your pet

When traveling with your pet in the car, the DGT recommends placing a separator to prevent your pet from distracting or disturbing you when you are driving.

There are different restraint systems for pets. Harnesses with one or two anchorages, carriers and rigid grids for the trunk.

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Harnesses with double hooks to the vehicle seat belt are the most recommended system for restraining dogs. The harness with a single hitch is much more fragile because the carabiner can break with a dog weighing 20 kg or more. Leashes that attach to the collar are not recommended either, as they do not hold in case of collision and can cause serious injuries to your pet’s neck.

In any case, always use a restraint system, do not let the animal ride in your arms. If your pet tends to get dizzy, it is best not to feed or water it in the hours before the trip. It is recommended to make stops every 2 hours to allow your pet to relieve itself, walk and hydrate. Never leave your pet inside the vehicle in high temperatures, not even in a shaded area or with the windows open.

Traveling by train with your pet

Pets can travel with you on AVE, Larga Distancia, Avant and Media Distancia trains as long as they are small pets that have their own pet ticket, weigh no more than 10 kilos and always travel in their cage or carrier.

On Cercanías trains, pets (dogs, cats and birds) travel free of charge and do not need a ticket. Unlike the rest of the trains, in Cercanías there is no weight limit and they must only be kept on a leash and muzzle.

Traveling by plane with your pet

Viajar en avión con tu mascota

The conditions and requirements to fly with your pet depend on each airline and the final destination. It is therefore advisable to consult beforehand the regulations and legislation of the country you are going to visit, as some have stricter measures or prohibitions on the entry of animals of certain breeds.

In general, pets may fly in the cabin as long as they do not exceed 8 kgs (carrier included) and have all the required vaccinations. It is not allowed to remove the pet from the carrier until disembarking from the airplane.

Some airlines allow dogs and cats to be transported in the hold of the airplane, except for brachycephalic and cats, with the exception of brachycephalic cats (with a flattened snout and very characteristic facial folds, such as bulldogs and pugs) and those considered dangerous breeds. and those considered dangerous breeds.