Stangest Collar Stanvet Life Dog


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Contains a unique blend of essential oils of Geraniol, Neem and Citriodiol of plant origin, compounds that are part of the natural defense of plants against insects. New polymer-based technology with continuous and uniform release. Up to 4 months of protection.

Waterproof: the dog can be bathed without diminishing its effectiveness. With safety lock, to avoid losing the collar. Suitable for puppies from 2 months or 0.8 kg, dogs with sensitive skin, allergies, advanced age and environment with children.

Do not uer on cats.

Geraniol (CAS: 106-24-1), Margosa Extract (Neem, CAS: 84696-25-3), Eucalyptus citriodora Oil (Citriodiol, CAS: 1245629-80-4), Perfume, Excip. q.s. c.s. 100%.

Directions for use:
Place on the animal’s neck without squeezing. Wash hands after use. Use in animals (dogs).


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