Intervet MSD Scalibor 65 cm national – SAVINGS Pack 2 units


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Protect your pets all year round with the new 12-month format of the Scalibor flea and tick control collar.

With the arrival of spring and throughout the year, your dogs need extra protection against external elements such as ticks or fleas. With the Scalibor anti-parasite collar you won’t have to worry about intensive cleaning of your pet, as it protects his whole body against insects and Leishmaniasis.

The active ingredient of Scalibor, deltamethrin, is a highly lipophilic component that is released and distributed on the lipid layer of the dog’s skin, covering the entire body within a week. The dog receives the necessary amount of deltamethrin day after day, for 12 months, to protect it effectively against the different parasites.

Scalibor is a collar with repellent effect for 12 months for phlebotomine sandflies (Phlebotomus perniciosus) and with repellent effect for 6 months for culicid mosquitoes of the Culex pipiens complex..

This antiparasitic also prevents tick infestations for 6 months and flea infestations for 4 months.

The repellent effect against Phlebotomus perniciosus, a vector of Leishmania infantum transmission, has been demonstrated. Therefore, Scalibor can be considered as part of a program for the prevention of Leishmaniasis infection.


  • Prevention of tick and flea infestations.
  • The collar has a repellent (anti-feeding) effect for Phlebotomus, so it can be used as part of a Leishmaniasis prevention program.
  • Proven repellent efficacy against Phlebotomus of 94% to 98% during 12 months persistently.
  • Adapted to current weather conditions.
  • Water resistant.
  • Does not smell.



In the case of large breed dogs, you should choose the 65 cm collar. However, always make sure to measure your dog’s neck circumference to choose the most suitable size. Don’t forget that the collar should not be too loose or too tight: ideally, a couple of fingers should fit between the skin and the collar,

The Scalibor collar for large dogs contains 1,000 mg of deltamethrin.

Once in place, cut the excess length of the necklace, leaving about 5 cm behind the pin in case you need to readjust it


  • Cases of local allergic reaction: remove the collar, wait 48 hours and replace it. If the allergic reaction persists, remove the collar definitively and choose another anti-parasitic product with the veterinarian’s help.
  • Use of shampoo: If you use shampoo to wash your dog, it will remove the lipid layer and, consequently, the deltamethrin. The dog will be less protected for a week. It is better to use a shampoo that does not affect the lipid layer.
  • Do not use the collar on dogs under 7 weeks of age.
  • For some small dogs it may be toxic.

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