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Like humans, dogs are diurnal animals and share habits with us.
For Custom Diet®, a dog is not just a dog, but a member of the family, therefore, we look after its welfare and health in the same way as we do our own.
The Custom Diet®, besides being based on food of high nutritional value, with 100% natural ingredients and of sustainable origin, differentiates between breakfast and dinner, adapting your dog’s food to its real needs depending on the time of the day.
If you don’t eat the same thing for breakfast as you eat for dinner, why should he?


The main benefits of having a light dinner are to facilitate digestion and a good night’s rest.
Dinners should provide a moderate caloric content, since late in the day the activity of our companions is reduced.
Dining in moderation is one of the keys to achieving a stable weight, smooth digestion and good rest.

Dinner is the last meal of the day, so it should be light and nutritious.
The beginning of the rest requires a dinner low in Kcal. and with soft proteins, therefore, in our night recipes we use turkey, tuna, or salmon that together with the vegetables, make them very appropriate for before the rest, obese dogs or with tendency to overweight, even for dogs with leishmania (for its soft and low proteins).

Variety of flavors
Its unique formulation allows the combination of different recipes, without causing digestive problems, making each intake an experience, avoiding boredom and monotony.

Improve their health, extend their life
Its composition, of the highest quality and formulated by veterinarians, is designed and adapted to meet all the needs of our companions, improve their health and extend their life.

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Fresh turkey meat (55%), potato (16%), dehydrated chicken (14%), salmon (9%), poultry sauce, brewer’s yeast, hydrolyzed poultry liver, vegetable fibers, salmon oil rich in Om3, minerals, carrot (10%), yucca schidigera extract, vegetable extracts (green tea seed, chicory, thyme, rosemary, aloe vera), glucosamine-chondroitin, taurine, prebiotics, natural antioxidants, probiotics (E. faecium).


Protein 25.0%
Oil and crude fats 12.0%
Crude fiber 2.5%
Inorganic Matter 7.0 %
Calcium 1.8%
Phosphorus 1.4%
Moisture 10.0 %

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