Animal abandonment, a common misfortune during the summer months


Between May and July is when most animal abandonment generally takes place. The summer vacation months par excellence is when the owners of a multitude of pets decide to get rid of them due to the impossibility of taking care of them when going to a second home or traveling. A tragedy that in recent years has been less frequent, but continues to be more common than it should be.

Spain is the leader in animal abandonment in Europe. More than 285,000 dogs and cats were collected in 2021, as highlighted by the Affinity Foundation’s Abandonment and Adoption Study 2022. At least one encouraging fact to note is that more than 50% of the dogs and cats collected are adopted by new families.

More specifically, 29% of abandoned dogs and 5% of abandoned cats are purebred, while the rest are mongrels. On the other hand, the majority of dogs arriving at the shelter are of adult age (57%) while the majority of cats collected are kittens (55%).

The main reasons for animal abandonment are lack of awareness and responsibility (when they are small they are all very cute, but then they grow up), lack of means to keep them, fear of transmitting diseases, end of hunting season, bad animal behavior and unwanted offspring.

From the new La Tienda del Pienso, specialists in quality and inexpensive feed, they stand in solidarity with the cause and support this series of solutions to alleviate the abandonment so common at this time of year: awareness (starting with family and friends), cheaper pet food (La Tienda del Pienso offers the most competitive prices on the internet market) or keep the health of the animal ready with trusted professionals at all times, among other things.

And, regarding the second point, the issue of food is usually expensive and a burden on the family economy that many do not even think about in advance. That is precisely why La Tienda del Pienso was born: to give the best quality to dogs and cats, which has a direct impact on their health and welfare, at a very affordable price and with the convenience of having it at a single click and direct to the door of the house.