What do our pets ask Santa for?


By now you have surely written your letter to Santa Claus, but what about your pet? What? This Christmas you can’t miss a surprise to give them back the love they give us. Our furry ones don’t know how to write, so you will also have to take care of it. Relax, you are still in time, with La Tienda del Pienso you will receive your order in less than 48 hours.

If you still don’t know what to ask for, here is the best selection of gifts:


Toys provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs and cats. They are not a whim, but much-needed tools to enrich the lives of these four-legged friends. In addition, dogs need to spend quality time with us humans.

Cats love to chase, scratch and fetch and it is always ideal to find a good toy that will keep your feline active and highly entertained.

As for dogs, when they are puppies they are happy to chew. You can opt for a stuffed toy or a classic Kong designed for chewing.

Para perros adultos, una buena pelota para lanzarles en el parque y así mantenerles en forma o incluso el clásico Kong para esconder snacks y golosinas en su interior.

For adult dogs, a good ball to throw in the park to keep them in shape or even the classic Kong to hide snacks and treats inside.

¿Qué le piden a los Reyes nuestras mascotas?


Speaking of snacks and treats, goodies are a must in their shoes.
They clean their teeth by removing accumulated tartar and plaque, strengthen gums, as well as provide protein and carbohydrates.
If your dog has stinky breath take the opportunity to give him Greenies dental snacks. They work effectively on four key oral hygiene fronts: tartar, plaque, bad breath and gum health.
If your pet is a cat, win its affection with ALPHA SPIRIT snacks. They are made with natural ingredients and with a necessary touch of taurine.


Giving perfume as a gift at this time of the year is a classic. Choose the fragrance you like the most, there are many to choose from.

Another very good option is to give her the Kong Zoom Groom, the best grooming brush that removes loose hair like a magnet and stimulates the capillaries and the production of natural oil for a healthy skin and a healthy coat.


How long has it been since you last renewed their collar? Dogs are also snooty and like to be fashionable.
Whether it is a collar or a harness, at La Tienda del Pienso you will find a wide selection available in all sizes and sizes.


Give them the relaxation and tranquility they need and deserve. It will become their favorite place to rest and replenish energy, to continue spending the long hours of the day.

If you want to discover more Christmas gifts for your pets, browse our online store, we are sure to have what you are looking for 😉