Preparations before the trip

Before organizing everything, it is best to check that the beach you plan to go to allows you to take your dog. Here is a list of the beaches in 2022.

Once you have confirmed your departure destination, it is time to prepare your backpack.

Don’t forget to bring his vaccination record, fresh water, food, and also a reward to reinforce his good behavior.

Bring a toy: floating toys are ideal for playing in the water.

Remember the bags to pick up their waste: keeping everything clean is essential for other people and other dogs to enjoy the beach, it is everyone’s responsibility.

juguete para perros
Dog toy
bolsas para excrementos de perro
Bags for excrement

If your dog is sensitive to the sun, we recommend that you protect him with a sunscreen and if he has delicate paws you can apply a pad protector. And last but not least, the umbrella, remember that although we tolerate the sun quite well, our dog needs to rest in the shade.

At the beach

If the day is very hot, we recommend that you do not expose your dog to the hottest hours of the day, try to take advantage of the early hours of the day, or late afternoon. If this is not possible, the best thing to do is to have your dog resting under the umbrella, as a precaution.

Make sure they drinks water regularly: always offer them fresh water, but never frozen. Drinking will help them stay hydrated, but you should avoid letting them drink sea water because it can cause gastrointestinal problems.

en la playa con tu perro

Don’t let him out of your sight at any time, playing on the beach, running or chasing a ball are ideal summer activities: fun and refreshing, but not without dangers.

Above all, let them enjoy themselves in a responsible way.

Back home

Before they give up after a day of fun, give them a bath in fresh water to remove salt and sand and help protect their skin and coat.

If in the following days after going to the beach your dog shakes its head and scratches its ears insistently, you should consult your veterinarian: these may be symptoms of otitis.

vuelta a casa

We hope these indications have helped you, and that you enjoy with your doggies at the beach.