The necessary care for the ‘back to school’ of dogs


September is here again. Back to the routine and, be careful, also for those furry friends who need a good tune-up after the summer and the holiday period just like the rest of us.

With a few very simple cares, dogs will look healthy and will be in perfect condition to face the autumn. Because each season is a world of its own.

    • Attention to typical diseases and parasites after spending more time outdoors. The summer season is what it’s all about: more walks and outdoor activities which, logically, entail a higher risk of contracting something. That’s why you should be on the lookout for symptoms such as lack of appetite or fever and have them checked at the beginning of the school year.
    • Autumn always goes hand in hand with leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of the phlebotomine sandfly, typical of this season. A good internal and external parasite treatment will be the best preventive measure. It is always convenient to anticipate and prevent with pets.
    • Physical exercise. Always essential for the physical and mental health of the dog. The walks in this season, in addition, are ideal because of the optimal temperatures for it. Take them to a field or a forest whenever possible and both owner and dog will return home happy.
    • Watch out for the shedding of hair (it also happens in humans that in autumn it usually falls more). The fur is replaced by a longer and thicker one to prepare for the drop in temperatures. Thus, sofas, carpets or beds at home become full of hair. The ideal is the brushing from puppies so that everything is more bearable in this sense.
    • And, of course, good nutrition. This is basic all year round. At La Tienda del Pienso, online specialists in quality feed at more than competitive prices, they focus precisely on the importance of giving the more natural and quality food the better for these best friends, because, after all, this will have a direct impact on their health and welfare. Therefore, they have a variety of products depending on whether the pet (dog or cat) is more or less active, is of a certain breed, if it is a puppy or more adult … And for all budgets and just a click away.

Finally, watch out for colds, so common with the arrival of cold weather. Yes, they can also suffer from them, so a good check-up, attention to warning signs, lots of cuddles to warm them up and a healthy and balanced diet, preferably with the help of quality specialists.