Quality dog food for every type of dog


According to data from the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Alimentos para Animales de Compañía (ANFAAC), there are currently more dogs than children in Spain. Specifically, more than 9.3 million, while the number of children under 15 years of age is slightly less than 6.7 million. Although it is not comparable, having a pet gives you a lot (companionship, affection, loyalty…) and has much lower costs.

The importance that these animals have in homes is ‘in crescendo’ and even led to the consequent modification of the Civil Code that elevated them to ‘sentient beings’ in addition to the still pending approval of the Animal Welfare Law that would give them even more weight and value.

Having a Mastiff is not the same as having a Chihuahua. Their nutritional needs are very different, as well as the energy intake they require depending on the activity they perform.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize the type of breed we have at home and the activity it performs to see which feed is the most appropriate. That is where the work of specialists comes in, both veterinarians and specialized stores. The newly born La Tienda del Pienso focuses precisely on that quality food and, in addition, all at just one click (through its online store) and with very competitive prices.

They offer Vitaldog and Kanain, a new concept in pet food that encompasses a wide range of products:

Complete maintenance: made of chicken and beef for adult dogs with low intensity activity.
Superior maintenance: with different combinations of premium ingredients for dogs of medium activity.
High Energy: made of Chicken and Beef for those who never stop.
Puppy: made of Iberian pork and rice for puppies.