Prevendog Collar 75 cm (1 unit)


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Prevendog is an antiparasitic collar with 4% deltamethrin that protects against parasite infestations such as ticks, sandflies (main transmitter of canine leishmaniasis) and mosquito bites. Prevendog has a repellent (anti-feeding) effect against mosquitoes and sandflies

Prevendog 75 cm collar, for dogs over 25 kg, fits necks up to 60 cm and with its advanced technology releases continuously, constantly and uniformly throughout the dog’s body the deltramethrin protecting and repelling

– Phlebotomine sandflies for 5 months (x2)

– Mosquitoes , as the transmitter of heart disease , for 6 months (x2)

– Ticks for 6 months (x2)

It is an elastic and smooth collar with a triple closure and an anti-strangulation safety system, odorless and can be wet without reducing its effectiveness.

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