KANAIN – Premium PUPPY Puppy Food – Iberian pork and rice – 30 kg


Complete energy food, made with a high fat content and Iberian pork. It provides the necessary nutrients for a healthy life and helps to increase physical activity levels

  • Keeps the animal in top physical shape.
  • High digestibility. With high quality ingredients for better digestion and prebiotics to improve intestinal regulation.
  • Helps dental care. Keeps teeth strong and healthy.
  • Helps the perfect functioning of the immune system. Mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans to strengthen the natural immune system against possible infections.
  • Large amount of protein and fat to provide all the necessary nutrients.
  • Complete development and functioning of muscles and joints.
  • Strengthens the heart.
  • Easy digestion.
  • Natural antioxidants.
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Extruded kibble. Format of two 15 kg bags.


Iberian pork protein, highly digestible chicken and veal, rice, selected cereals (corn and wheat), animal oils and fats (Iberian pork lard), vegetable fibers, hydrolyzed poultry protein, essential oils (oregano, cinnamon, clove, thyme and rosemary), echinacea purpurea extract, prebiotics (mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans), intestinal bioregulator and immune system stimulant, minerals, natural preservatives (vegetable oils rich in tocopherols) and vitamins.


Crude protein32%
Oils and fats17%
Inorganic matter7,5%


Vitamin A20.000 U.I./Kg
Vitamin D32.000 U.I./Kg
Vitamin E50 U.I./Kg
Manganese20 mg/Kg
Iodine1 mg/kg
Zinc100 mg/kg
Copper10 mg/kg
Iron80 mg/kg
Selenium0,25 mg/kg

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Weight 15 kg


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