La Tienda del Pienso for World Animal Day


World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4, promoted by the World Organization for the Protection of Animals. The aim is to halt the extinction of species (40% of the planet’s animals are in danger of extinction, mainly due to human causes). And, why not, they deserve a date to remember that they are also living beings and that they must be protected and cared for regardless of their type or origin.

In the case of Spain, when one thinks of animals, the mind usually gravitates towards dogs and cats, as they are the most common pets. But unfortunately they also have to deal with certain abuses and mistreatment by humans, such as abandonment, which continues to be a hot and worrying topic.

Caring for animals is not limited to not bothering them or letting them live. In the case of pets, it goes much further. They need to enjoy good health, like any living being, lots of pampering and affection and, of course, a good diet so that they are well inside and out and live much longer and better.

There are many types of food and many people choose to give them food intended for human consumption, a wrong decision since there is a wide spectrum that is toxic for them and they are not even aware of it. It is necessary to know that each dog or cat needs a specific type of food according to its breed, its activity or its size and that not all the brands in the market offer it.

That is why La Tienda del Pienso was born less than a year ago. They are specialists in healthy and balanced food for dogs, mainly with some variety for cats. They offer natural products, without preservatives and elaborated by veterinarians at a more than competitive price and just a click away through their online store. It couldn’t be more convenient.

A mixture is made with the best raw materials, previously selected by qualified personnel. The mixed ingredients go through a micro-grinding process to guarantee a totally homogeneous product. This is followed by a continuous and homogeneous cooking process called extrusion. Through this process, a high temperature and pressure is applied to the food, during a short period of time, producing a series of changes in the shape, structure and composition of the product. Thus, a better digestibility and nutritional function is achieved, favoring the care and development of the pet, the latter being a priority in the manufacturing process of La Tienda del Pienso. Finally, and after several processes to improve the quality of its crunchy and appetizing kibbles, they are packaged and ready for distribution. And direct to customers’ homes.