Dog Loves


This week is Valentine’s Day, the day of love par excellence. How much love and companionship we receive from our furry friends.

Did you know that dogs can also fall in love?

After years of research, it has been discovered that dogs reflect feelings such as joy and sadness, according to the stimuli they receive around them. In the same way, they are able to identify these moods in people. That is why your pet accompanies you in your sadness and happiness. Its natural instinct leads it to try to give support and support. Even when it comes to strangers, whom they “do not love”.

It has been proven that their brains release oxytocin, known as the love hormone, when they see their owner or other dogs

In the same way, those who use violence to “educate” their dogs, or who mistreat them frequently, will generate fear and dread in them, but not love.

How do dogs express love?

You can perceive canine language through their body, when they wag their tail vigorously, raise their ears or bark: this is how they express their feelings and emotions.


Licking. Licking in the dog world is the equivalent of kissing par excellence. When a dog licks us he is showing affection and affection.

They chase you all over the house. Wherever you go, your dog always sticking to you means that they feel at ease by our side and enjoy our company.

They offer you their favorite toy. Besides being a way of asking us to play with them, it is also a token of affection and the doggy equivalent of giving you a gift. Dogs are territorial, they defend tooth and nail what is theirs, so the gesture of sharing something with us is very meaningful.

They lie on their belly. In body language it is a gesture of submission and vulnerability. As with a cat, a dog that lies on its belly shows complete trust in its owner.

If they lie down or sleep next to us, they are showing that they feel safe and that they have the utmost confidence in us. Dogs sleep in packs in search of protection and warmth. That is why lying down next to us is another sign of affection, that they consider us part of their family.

Lying at our feet. Lying on our feet makes them feel accompanied and gives them confidence and tranquility.

Little nibbles are gestures of care and protection that puppies learn from their mothers. They continue to use them as adults to groom themselves or when an area of their body itches. Transferring this gesture to their own caregiver is a way of telling them that they hold them in high esteem and that they care for them.

Now that you know the ways your pet expresses its love and affection for you, have you thought about how to reciprocate on Valentine’s Day?